How to Make Buttermilk at Home

How to Make Buttermilk at Home

There are many peoples getting misconception that buttermilks same with buttery and high fat milk. This misconception is being far away from the truth. This is no only there is not butter in this buttermilk, but this is actually lower fat than the sweet milk that we consumed everyday. Butter in the “buttermilk” does not refer to the butteriness, but this is explaining about where is this versatile milk come from. Buttermilk also bring many benefits, no wonder that many people want to know about how to make buttermilk, so they can make it in a house. Before we know several steps to make buttermilk, this is better to know information about this buttermilk.

The origin of buttermilk that you might not know

The old fashioned homemade of buttermilk was using the slightly sour or residual liquid that had been remained after the butter already churned. Unusually it was flecked with tiny sweet and the creamy butter do not enough make it turn into top to be skimmed as well. This liquid was left from overnight fermentation which turn out the milk sugar become lactic acid. This lactic acid which made buttermilk become so desirable for bake and gives the strong flavor as well.

How you can make buttermilk by yourself?

You can learn about how to make real buttermilk using the heavy cream. There are no other ingredients that you will need, even you do not need a churn as well. this is easy steps which can lead you to make fresh buttermilk.


– Heavy cream (you might avoid ultra pasteurized)


For small bowl of buttermilk

– You can fill the jar with heavy cream only half way. Then you are able to screw the lid in firm position.

– Start to shake your jar in up and down direction. You can do it around couple minutes then the cream will start thicker and turn into whipped cream. Keep shaking until this whipped cream turn into yellow glob along with separate liquid a well.

– Then you can pour buttermilk from jar and use it in your recipe.

For big bowl of buttermilk

– You can pour the heavy cream into mixer and blend it in high speed.

– As mentioned before, that it turns into whipped cream first then you only need keep whipping iy to make it into butter and buttermilk as well.

The flavor

The flavor of buttermilk will remind you with yoghurt and many people prefer it in chilled. You will feel the texture bit thicker than ordinary milk but it was not heavy as cream as well. it takes 1 gallon of milk to make ½ pint of pure buttermilk.

How about the commercially made buttermilk?

Now, there are many buttermilk products which had been made by industrial process which have little to do with the butter made process. Firstly, the bacteria agent will be added into the whole milk or commonly in not fat milk. The butter might of might be not added as well. After adding the bacteria, the milk was left to ferment around 12-14 hours in low temperature. Salt, sugar and stabilizer also usually can be added in buttermilk.

Buttermilk for digestive health

How to Make Buttermilk at HomeButtermilk had been made by old fashioned way have rich source for prebiotics. Similar with yogurt buttermilk which contain of active culture can introduce the gut flora which might lose because of antibiotic regiments. So, these bacteria will increase digestion, help the nutrition and manage the digestive issue. Ensure that the buttermilk contain of live cultures that will kill the bacteria after they produce all of the acid.

You might not know that store brought buttermilk was not pure buttermilk at all. Instead had been made from heavy cream, it was made from low fat milk which had been added by bacteria as mentioned before. This is also similar way in producing yogurt. This is also known as the cultured buttermilk. So, this is make quite big differences between them, the cultured buttermilk has thick and sour taste. The real buttermilk is sweet state and had thinner consistency. Following those steps bellow will lead you to know about how to make buttermilk and give you information about buttermilk.